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Angle Grinder Extender Shaft (5/8″-11)

  • 5/8″-11 threaded
  • Extends angle grinder shaft by 2″
  • Allows running two Airway Buffing Wheels at once

Attaches to a right angle grinder. The angle grinder extender shaft adds 2″ to the angle grinder's attachment point, allowing a secondary Buffing Wheel to be used simultaneously. Never use a right angle grinder without having an extender to safely push the buffing wheel out and provide a safe distance.


Attaching the angle grinder extender to a grinder

  • Screw the female section down onto the right angle grinding wheel.
  • Place buffing wheels with center plates, or an inserted Safety Flange, onto the male threaded section.
  • Secure the buffing wheel(s) with a 5/8″ hex nut or a low-profile inserted flange.

Angle Grinder Extender Shaft (5/8″-11)

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