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14" Buffing Wheels for Wheel Polishing Machines

Our premium American Made 14" diameter buffing wheels were developed for automatic and semi-automatic polishing machines. These wheels are 14" in diameter with a 5" clinch ring and a 1-1/4" arbor hole. Our orange mill treated buffing wheel is stiffer and heavier in cut then the yellow treated buff. We combine these two wheels in a "sandwich" type form on the semi-automatic wheel polishing machines because of how the buffing wheels wear down and finish. Where a machine takes four wheels, we recommend stacking one orange on each side on the outside and two yellow buffing wheels on the inside. This will provide the best finish when polishing alcoa wheels or other aluminum style wheels.

Where can I use a 14" Buffing Wheel?

These are 14″ Airway Buffing wheels with a 5″ center. They include a 1-1/4″ arbor hole to fit on the most common wheel polishing machines. They will also fit securely to an industrial lathe.


How do I use Buffing Wheels for Wheel Polishing Machines?

When polishing, we recommend two yellow 14″ Airway Buffing Wheels in the middle and two orange Airway Buffing wheels on the side. The orange Airways are slightly stiffer and produce a (slightly) heavier cut. The orange is also 20 ply while the yellow is 16 ply, creating a larger surface area for the cutting wheels. When paired with one of our Metal Polishing Compounds for Buffing Wheels, these will do an amazing job at bringing your chrome and alloy wheels back to life.

14" Buffing Wheels for Wheel Polishing Machines

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