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We have developed an all encompassing detailing kit that was optimized for use on tesla vehicles. Whether you own a Model S, 3, X, or Y this kit will restore the interior and exterior of your Tesla! Tesla's can have notoriously difficult paint so we took the liberty of designing products that are ideal for tesla paint. Additionally - we have included products that can be used to safely clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle supplemented with protective products that will shine enhance your tesla's appearance. Tesla's are an investment that we want to help you protect and last as long as possible. 


✅  Safely cleans & protects any Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y of any year.

✅  Non corrosive cleaners that are safe on interior AND exterior parts. 

✅ Professional grade products that can be used by ANY enthusiast 

✅  Spray Coating engineered with the newest Graphene technology made for protecting your paint, alloy & powder coated wheels. 


Tesla Detailing Products included in this Kit:

Glass Magic 16 oz - Glass Magic is a non-streaking, easy to use glass cleaner that is perfect for the long, oversized glass panels seen on Tesla's. Glass cleaner is an absolute must and fantastic for keeping your vehicle clean and shining. 


Quick Detailer 16 oz - Quick detailer is used on tesla's to clean the interior or exterior when light dust accumulates. This will help refresh your vehicle and give it a "like new" appearance. 

Graphene Spray Coating 16 oz - Graphene Spray Coating is the crown jewel and staple protection product for a Tesla. This product will offer up to 1 year paint and rim protection with a sacrificial hydrophobic layer that will protect against water spots, dirt, grime, bird droppings, industrial fallout etc. This is an easy to use product that offers incredible protection & shine. 

Maxi Suds Hi Foam Soap 16 Oz - Before protecting your tesla, we always recommend thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the vehicle first to loosen and clean any existing grime, dirt, bird droppings & other soiled contaminants. Our Maxi Suds is safe on all paints & wraps and provides GREAT cleaning ability. This is by far the best soap you can use on any Tesla. 


Citrus Safetouch All Purpose Cleaner 16 Oz - We specifically chose this cleaner for Tesla's because it is safe on ALL surfaces and especially on the synthetic leather material that tesla likes to use on the interior of their vehicle. Their white seats can be especially prone to show dirt, debri, dog paw tracks etc. This product can be safely used without harming or damaging any parts of your interior. Additionally this is safe to use on wheels and wheel wells without corroding the rims. 

Vinyl Guard Dressing 16 Oz - Vinyl Guard is an all encompassing water-based dressing that can be used to shine & hydrate the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Dressing the interior of the vehicle such as the dashboard, door panels, glove box etc can be great for hydration and protection as there is infused UV protectors that help to shine & protect. For the exterior of the vehicle this product can be used to shine plastic trim and of course your tires! This product is meant to give your surfaces a "like new" / Matte look. We did not want this product to be overly shiney or greasy! We want the Tesla to do the talking!



Premium 15 x 15 Red Towel 

Waffle Glass Cleaning Towel 

Premium Microfiber Applicator Pad 

Premium Horse Hair Brush 

Tesla Cleaning & Detailing Kit

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