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Renegade Gum and Tar Remover

Renegade Gum and Tar Remover is a fast-acting, concentrated gum and tar remover that will help to break down gum, tar, and similar substances without damaging your paint. Because of its concentrated formulation, Renegade Gum and Tar Remover breaks down even the most stubborn sticky residues with minimal scrubbing, helping to lessen the chance of smears, swirl marks and scratching while during the wash process.


How to use Renegade Gum and Tar Remover:

  • Shake well. Apply the product in a shaded area on a surface that is cool to the touch, about 6-7 inches away from the surface.
  • Allow the product to sit and work for 1 minute, but do not let the product dry on the surface.
  • Agitate the working surface with a clean microfiber towel before rinsing. Tougher jobs may require additional applications.

Renegade Gum and Tar Remover

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