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Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener


Renegade Detailer Series Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel Cleaner is a powerful product designed for the quick and efficient cleaning and brightening of aluminum panels, tanks, & wheels as well as pokes, hub caps, and wheel covers.


It is a concentrated cleaner that removes dirt, grease, brake dust, road film and oily road soil from all wheel types. It removes oxidation stains and corrosion on aluminum, alloy, or chrome wheels.



Our Mag N Wire acid is the premium wheel brightening acid in the trucking & heavy duty market. This product removes a vast amount of contamination from the outer layer of aluminum tanks and Alcoa wheels. Using a wheel brightener can sometimes reduce steps in sanding or polishing. Our aluminum brightener should be diluted 1:10 for the best results and should be sprayed while wearing PPE such as goggles & a respirator as this is inherently a harsh chemical. 

16oz. bottles come ready to use. Larger quantities must be diluted to a ratio of 1:10.


✅  DEEP cleans & brightens aluminum

✅  Great for aluminum tanks & Alcoa wheels 

✅  Makes polishing tanks easy

✅  Powerful formula with 1:10 dilution ratio (gallon container only, 16 oz already diluted) 

Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel & Aluminum Brightener

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