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Our Graphene + Ceramic Wash was engineered to provide the best protection of any soap on the market! This product contains a proprietary blend of sio2 emulsions, graphene dispersion & premium surfactants that provide cleaning ability, protection and shine to your vehicle's surface. 


While results may vary depending on climate & mileage, this can last from 6 months to 1 year! 

  • 2-in-1 Cleaning & protection product that actually lasts!
  • Great for any surface on the outside of the vehicle
  • Can be used in a foam cannon or bucket application
  • Make maintenance washes easy! 



How to wash your vehicle using the Graphene + Ceramic Wash:

Step 1
Give your vehicle a generous rinse, including the undercarriage. We want to make sure we remove as much contaminants as possible.

Step 2
Apply 2-3oz. of Graphene + Ceramic Wash into a Renegade Foam Cannon, Renegade Hose Foam Gun, or bucket to gently pre-soak, loosen and carry away dirt and contaminants.

Step 3
Soak your Microfiber Wash Mitt in the wash solution and gently scrub your vehicle. We recommend starting from the top of your vehicle and making your way down. Doing so will help you to avoid spreading potentially damaging contaminants picked up from the road to the rest of your vehicle. In addition, leave your front and rear bumper for last as you don’t want to spread exhaust contaminants and insects onto the rest of your car. Rinse the wash/soap away.

Step 5
Use a clean dry Premium Microfiber Towel and fold it in half. Then, start drying your vehicle using a long linear motion. Remove excess water from the towel and repeat until your vehicle is completely dry.

Graphene + Ceramic Wash

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