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Diamond Trim Shine Plastic & Trim Restorer

The Renegade Detailer Series Diamond Trim Shine features a high-silicone formula that is designed to rehydrate, restore, and protect plastic and rubber trim on your vehicle for up to 3 months (under ideal conditions).


This product's high-silicone formula is meant to penetrate deep into plastic and rubber surfaces to keep them hydrated longer than traditional dressings.

This is a fantastic tool for professional detailers looking to restore ultra-faded plastics on a customer's vehicle and have them looking like-new. 

To use Diamond Trim Shine, simply spray Diamond Trim Shine into a Premium Microfiber Round Pad or Premium Microfiber Towel and apply to the desired surface.


Features of Diamond Trim Shine: 

✅  Makes faded plastics and rubber look NEW again.

✅  5X the amount of silicone in comparison to traditional dressings

✅  Formulated for professionals and enthusiasts. 

✅  Easy-to-use gel formula

Diamond Trim Shine

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