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Deep Wet Carnauba Crème

The Renegade Detailer Series Deep Wet Carnauba Crème is an ultra-premium finish wax designed to give your vehicle that show-ready "wet" look. Deep Wet Carnauba Crème contains a pre-softened 100% all-natural Brazilian Carnauba wax.


To use Deep Wet Carnauba Creme, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops to a Premium Microfiber Applicator Pad and cover a 12" x 12" area in a cross-hatch pattern (as shown below)--going side to side, then up and down.


Let Deep Wet Carnauba Creme cure on the surface for about 5 minutes before buffing it off with a clean Premium Microfiber Towel to enjoy a deep show-quality shine.

Deep Wet Carnauba Crème

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