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Blue Magic Tire Dressing


Blue Magic Tire Dressing is a solvent-based tire dressing that will perform miracles on dull automobile tires and trim.


Solvent-based dressings differ from water-based dressings in that solvent-based dressings tend to have a longer life and will last through washes and rain while water-based dressing are less likely to do so. Additionally, a microfiber applicator or microfiber towel should be used during application to minimize slinging.


Due to the high-shine nature of this product, we recommend that this product NOT be used on dashboards and should be limited to use on exterior surfaces.


How do I use Blue Magic Tire Dressing?

To Add Shine to Exterior Trim Surfaces and Plastic:

Spray Blue Magic Tire Dressing into a Premium Microfiber Round Pad or Premium Microfiber Towel and apply to tires and trim to give them a high shine and new appearance.


For Tires:

For a new tire look, apply Blue Magic Tire Dressing to a Premium Microfiber Round Pad, apply to the tire, and let dry. For a wet tire look, spray Blue Magic Tire Dressing directly onto the tire and let dry. 

Blue Magic Tire Dressing

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